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We offers a variety of programs, including group lessons, private lessons, and specialized courses for children, adults, and competitive swimmers. We use the latest teaching methods and equipment to ensure that every student receives the individualized attention they need to succeed.



At Aqua Hero, we offer both group and private swimming classes tailored to your needs. Our expert instructors provide personalized instruction to help you achieve your swimming goals.

  • Group classes:
    • 45-minute group classes
    • maximum of 5 students
    • 1 session includes 8 classes
  • Private classes:
    • 30-minute group classes
    • 1 : 1 individualized instruction
    • 1 session includes 4 classes
  • Assessment test to determine class level (1 - 6)
  • Instruction available for both children (ages 5-17) and adults (ages 18+)
children learning to swim at Aqua Hero

Class levels (1 - 6) and Pre-class Assessment

Our classes are designed to accommodate swimmers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Before joining a class, each student undergoes a pre-class assessment to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level. Additionally, at the end of each group class session, students undergo an assessment to track their progress and determine if they are ready to move up to the next level.

Hydro Hero

Introducing Hydro Hero, a specialized class for children (ages 5-17) who are already proficient swimmers. This class focuses on skill building, endurance training, and promoting a healthy body through aquatic exercise. It's designed to take their swimming abilities to the next level while ensuring they have fun in the water.

  • 55-minute sessions: Each session is 55 minutes long and is specifically designed to enhance swimming skills progressively.
  • Designed for children with existing swimming skills: Hydro Hero is ideal for children who are already comfortable in the water and have basic swimming abilities.
  • Emphasis on building endurance and strength: The class focuses on improving endurance and strength in the water, helping children become stronger and more confident swimmers.
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle: Hydro Hero encourages a healthy lifestyle through aquatic exercise, teaching children the importance of fitness and well-being.



CPR Training Program

Our CPR training program provides certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and educates participants on life-saving techniques for various emergency situations. Participants learn how to recognize cardiac emergencies, perform CPR effectively, and use automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to restore normal heart rhythms.

  • Certification in CPR: Participants receive certification upon completion of the program, demonstrating proficiency in CPR techniques.
  • Life-saving techniques: Participants learn essential life-saving techniques for responding to cardiac emergencies, including CPR and AED use.

Lifeguard Training Program

Our lifeguard training program prepares participants for certification as professional lifeguards. Through comprehensive training sessions, participants acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively respond to water-related emergencies, perform water rescues, and administer first aid.

  • Professional certification: Participants undergo rigorous training to become certified lifeguards, ensuring they meet industry standards for safety and professionalism.
  • Water rescue techniques: Participants learn a variety of water rescue techniques, including surveillance, scanning, and active drowning victim recognition.
  • First aid skills: Participants acquire essential first aid skills to address injuries and medical emergencies that may occur in aquatic environments.

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